Milva, red-silv-cl-tb/wh          


                 Medea, cream-cl-tb/wh              

          Maxima, red-silv-cl-tb/wh
     Machete, red-silv-cl-tb/wh



Die folgenden Kitten sind schon lange vergeben. 

Sie stehen als Beispiele für Belushies Qualität

The following kids are not for sale! 

They are just examples of "Belushies-quality"



2 month old male kitten out of

Koontucky Neo x Willowplace Timbatou!


4 Kittens out of a litter of 7!!! (Tatzie x Neo)

a tortiesmoke with white girl out of

Int.Ch.Koontucky Neo x Ch.Willowplace Ravenclaw


...and her blacksmoke brother


Belushies Dessert Rose, a  4 month old


















left: Pinetta, female kitten (Seascape Pyewacket x Willowplace Timbatou)




Nell, female kitten at 5 weeks





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